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Dear Visitor,
it is also possible to display Your  page(s) here too.
The link(s) to your page(s) in English and/or German in the category of your choice are available for only N$ 75,- monthly.
The minimum running time for a link is 12 months.
Invoice in foreign currency are available on request.
The link will be installed after receiving your full payment.

For this small amount you will get:

We need the following information from you to set up the link to your web site:
Page Titel: (i.e.: Hotel Silver Oryx:)
https-address for your German page:
https-address for your English page:
Start date of the link:
Section (Category) to place the link:
Contact person:
Your email:
Postal address for the invoice:
payment by:
The page will be listed after receiving the full payment.
(Formular-Service vom Formular-Chef)

And your WEB Site?

It is of course possible to list your site here as well.

The link to your site (German and/or English) does not cost much and ......(more)

More questions ?

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